As a construction company, we may leave a tangible product behind, but we strongly believe we are a service company first and foremost. We have assembled a team that can provide all the services our core clients require. From ground-up Design Build, to hard bid TI General Contracting, budgeting to value engineering, forecasting an initial schedule to completing it on time with LEED accreditation in mind we have the capability and expertise to get the job done. We understand the importance and trust you place in our ability to provide you with the best knowledge, foresight, quality and value for your project. It’s what we stand for day-in and day-out, so click on a tab below for further information on how we can help you with your next project.


A successful project begins with a successful plan. There is no way around this and no way to sugar-coat it either – a project is only as good as its executed plan. Plan the Work and work the Plan as they say. At IE² Construction, we believe preconstruction is one of our greatest strengths. We recognize that the greatest impact we can have on a project is to understand the definition of success and to know how it will be measured – all before there is a boot on the ground. Regardless of whether this involves an aggressive schedule, controlling costs or extracting every bit of value out of a project scope, our experience and effort during this phase sets us apart from our competition.

Another aspect of preconstruction that distinguishes us even further involves our relationship building - and in this case, especially with the Architects. One of the success drivers of a project involves great communication between the client, the architect and the builder. Our company principle of building lasting relationships helps us to excel in bringing a truly collaborative approach to all of our projects. It doesn’t matter whether it is a public or private job, hard bid or design build – our commitment is the same. We provide a collaborative environment where the client, architect and builder understand the goals, communicate the objectives and execute the plan together. In our experience, this approach leads to a successful project and ultimately a lasting relationship every time – no exceptions.

A summary of our Preconstruction Services:

  • Feasibility and Constructability input
  • Budgeting – both Schematic Design and Development Design Phases
  • Site assessment and logistics
  • Test Fits
  • Project organization and Scheduling
  • Value Engineering
  • Pre-qualification of Subcontractors
  • Subcontractor Bid analysis with recommendations as to risk and price
  • Permitting
Design Build

In a Design Build model, IE² Construction would manage the entire process for the Owner including the hiring and responsibility for the Architect. The major advantage of this process for the Owner is that IE² would be the go to party for the entire construction project - simplifying the Owner’s involvement by reducing the need for separate contracts with the Architect, various consultants, and General Contractor. The Design Build process is ideal for the very busy Owner who doesn’t have the time or possibly the expertise to hire and manage the initial design stages of their project.

In our experience, the most critical success factor in a Design Build process is open communication and transparency between the General Contractor and the Owner. We understand the importance of this type of project to the Owner and that being good stewards of the Owner’s money, time and vision is essential in this process. Our open book policy of sharing the budget information with the owner up front, along with the Architect and Subcontractor trade bids while providing solid risk and value assessments based on personal experience and fact is the only way IE² Construction knows how to operate. We know this core business principle of honesty and integrity may run counter to the history of our industry, but we didn’t start IE² to do things “the other guys” do – which might also explain why we continue to have ongoing Design Build opportunities during this almost exclusively hard bid economy our industry is enduring. So feel free to give our clients a call to see for yourself and then give us a shout - because we are here to help in any way we can.

Green Construction

It is very chic nowadays for construction companies to talk about Green Building Practices in marketing materials to get customers in the door. “Green”,” eco-friendly” and “renewable” are just a few of the words thrown around that often don’t reflect the actions or intentions of the companies that use them the most! We are simply not one of those companies, as several of our team members are LEED accredited and they received this designation over seven years ago—well before environmental building gained widespread acceptance. Our team has also completed several high profile LEED projects ranging from the $30 Million University of Texas Bio-Medical Engineering Lab Building to the $500,000 Black Star Co-op Brew Pub & Restaurant.

Our Green Building experience extends beyond the actual construction phase as well. Depending on our role in your construction project, we can help you evaluate some of the costs, constraints, advantages, LEED point weighting and return on investment for every type of project. Whether we are involved at inception or just the construction phase, we understand the core principles of green construction including utilizing renewable resources, minimizing material consumption and creating a healthy human environment that strikes a balance with nature.

Now while we are proud of these services we can provide you, we are just as proud of the environmental effort we make every day on our “regular” projects. We make sure our subcontractors recycle demo materials whenever possible, we separate reusables ourselves every day as we keep the projects clean and take any practical items we can to the Austin Habitat Re-Use store. We think it’s just the right thing to do and a product of growing up here in Austin, Texas. So if want some help improving your impact on the environment give us a call – we’re ready to help you – one project at a time.

CM @ Risk

No Construction project is exactly the same and each one brings its own set of unique challenges. That is why we feel it is critical to involve us as the Construction Manager (CM) as early as possible. This allows the entire team to work together from the beginning to ensure all the issues are discussed and addressed well before a shovel hits the ground. We sincerely believe that preconstruction planning as a CM is a completely collaborative process that includes IE², the owner, the architect and the engineers and consultants. Each trade has its own unique set of skills and expertise, so the earlier everyone gets on the same page, the smoother the project becomes because the risk of logistical problems involving budgeting, scheduling and quality are greatly reduced – and who doesn’t want that?!

As your construction manager, we will begin the process of conducting feasibility studies and thoroughly examining constructability based on the project scope, site constraints, and available budget. We will make recommendations on the materials, systems, details, and components being considered for the project. It is important that milestone dates are communicated throughout the entire team, and proper attention is given to any value engineering ideas. IE² will also be responsible for keeping an updated preconstruction schedule that includes the architect and engineering items and to actively participate in regular meetings.

Understanding and proactively dealing with budget constraints is critical. As a CM, we will look forward to try and anticipate any and all reasonable and foreseeable costs that will be incurred during the course of construction. Budgets are completed at Schematic Documents, Design Documents, and 100% Construction Documents with variations being tracked against the previous budgets so changes are understood and accepted by all. This allows for any necessary modifications to be incorporated early in the process along with value engineering items saving the owner money and time. As a skilled CM, we are partners in the process and proactively identify areas where money is being spent unwisely, search for alternates, and recommend materials and methods that are cost-effective yet maintain the integrity of the design. You as the Owner then decide which ideas to incorporate into the project.

All projects have firm deadlines and target dates that have significant implications if they are missed. As a CM, we are responsible for developing a master schedule for planning and monitoring the progress of both the preconstruction and construction process. Critical dates are established, including dates for procurement of long lead items, subcontractor bidding, subcontract award, drawings, submittals, assembly, and installation. We also evaluate the logistics of the schedule and site conditions to plan for use of the site during construction, while being mindful of vehicular traffic and adjacent neighborhoods and businesses. We evaluate the impact of concrete pours, truck traffic, and delivery schedules to minimize disturbances as well and if the project is within an occupied facility, it’s critical to fully understand the client’s usage of the space and incorporate that knowledge into the plans. Our primary objective is to always provide a safe site with the least disruption possible during construction.

General Contracting

At the core of the services we provide, we are still builders through and through. We leave a tangible product behind so it needs to be of the utmost quality, and best value we can build. As a General Contractor our best asset is again, our relationships – but this time with Subcontractors. No matter the size, type or scope of the project, Subcontractors in each of the trades are hired and managed by IE² Construction as partners in your project.

We feel it is crucial to everyone’s success to treat all of our Subcontractors with professionalism and respect - because when we respect their time by following the schedule, their expertise when they have suggestions and actually communicate when there are issues, everyone wins and the project is ultimately better for it. It still amazes us to this day how often we hear stories regarding other GC’s and their treatment of Subcontractors and situations that arise. How do they think that actually helps the project and the customer in the long run? Accountability is the key to every project staying on time and on budget – but professional respectful communication can still keep everyone accountable – and honey still tastes better than vinegar no matter who you are.

The final two items we will touch on regarding our General Contracting services involve self-perform work and Safety. On self performing work on projects, our philosophy is pretty simple. We need a few key guys to be able to perform tasks that keep the job on schedule, are traditionally not full trade items that our Subcontractor partners want to do, and are items that commonly keep the costs down and are a value to both our Subcontractors and Owners. Depending on the size and scope of the project, our self perform items may vary a little, but for the most part we handle wood blocking, doors, frames and hardware installation, and occasionally demolition and drywall on the smallest of jobs. Consistency and transparency is the key to our success in this area, because in order to pass on the best value to our clients, we need competitive bids from our Subs, but they will only bid companies with whom they are not competing against (and losing to) on a consistent basis.

Finally, you’ll get our most important service – safety. Safety is not just a manual or program here at IE², it is a culture. When taking care of people is a core value, safety easily becomes integrated into the fabric of who you are as a company. Good decisions, superior quality, like minded employees and Subcontractor partners all become seamlessly incorporated into every project and situation we encounter. We are proud of our Safety Culture and our perfect record is a reflection of this culture. We will always remain dedicated to providing the safest environment possible on every project we have.

A brief list of what you can expect our General Contracting Services to look like:

  • Safety, safety and more safety
  • Preconstruction meetings with all parties involved
  • Progress reports with meeting minutes
  • Master Schedule updates and communications with all parties involved
  • Construction progress and Quality inspection management
  • Self perform small items to help facilitate the Project Schedule
  • Open communication and backup documentation
  • All accounting, insurance and paperwork administration
  • Field reporting and Subcontractor coordination with Owner
  • Close-out documentation and turnover
  • Move-in coordination and assistance
  • Manage all applicable warranty items


Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a powerful tool that offers numerous benefits to a project team. Utilizing BIM software allows us to collaborate and coordinate many details of your project and help to improve overall quality and efficiency. By allowing us to view every aspect of the project- we are able to find interferences between building systems and eliminating them before construction begins. There are countless benefits to a client using BIM including:

  • More transparent communication and collaboration between project team
  • We are able to easily predict and resolve conflicts and potential problems
  • Enhances trade coordination, pricing and scheduling
  • Improves cost estimating
  • Identifies safety concerns