Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson, Assistant Superintendent

With over 30 years’ commercial construction experience, Rick joins IE² as an assistant superintendent. He has worked in a variety of trades throughout his career, which have given him an in-depth understanding of how best to manage subcontractors. Rick ensures that all field resources are managed and coordinated in an efficient and professional manner on all projects in order to perform quality work within the budget and schedule constraints. He is known for his attention to details and finishes, while being able to work with all different types of owners and project managers. He has worked on various projects which include AMD, Dell, University of Texas and Chick-Fil-A Restaurants.

Rick brings a high degree of self-control to his work and steadily moves towards the timely completion of his projects. He is a problem solver and is able to consider many alternatives, theories and possibilities to find best possible solution. Rick’s extensive knowledge of construction, his experience, and his relentless work ethic is vital in maintaining the standards and reputation of IE² Construction.