A successful project begins with a successful plan.  There is no way around this and no way to sugar-coat it either – a project is only as good as its executed plan.  Plan the Work and work the Plan as they say.  At IE² Construction, we believe preconstruction is one of our greatest strengths. We recognize that the greatest impact we can have on a project is to understand the definition of success and to know how it will be measured – all before there is a boot on the ground.  Regardless of whether this involves an aggressive schedule, controlling costs or extracting every bit of value out of a project scope, our experience and effort during this phase sets us apart from our competition.

Another aspect of preconstruction that distinguishes us even further involves our relationship building - and in this case, especially with the Architects.  One of the success drivers of a project involves great communication between the client, the architect and the builder.  Our company principle of building lasting relationships helps us to excel in bringing a truly collaborative approach to all of our projects.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a public or private job, hard bid or design build – our commitment is the same.  We provide a collaborative environment where the client, architect and builder understand the goals, communicate the objectives and execute the plan together.  In our experience, this approach leads to a successful project and ultimately a lasting relationship every time – no exceptions.

A summary of our Preconstruction Services:

  • Feasibility and Constructability input
  • Budgeting – both Schematic Design and Development Design Phases
  • Site assessment and logistics
  • Test Fits
  • Project organization and Scheduling
  • Value Engineering
  • Pre-qualification of Subcontractors
  • Subcontractor Bid analysis with recommendations as to risk and price
  • Permitting