At IE² Construction, we offer our customers a broad range of expertise across several market sectors. Relationships don’t have pre-defined boundaries, and this is a reflection of our strategic goal to have a well balanced portfolio of both public and private work. This not only gives us the flexibility to help our customers in a wide variety of market segments, but also helps us mitigate the risk of the inevitable economic highs and lows of our industry – as the recent economy has shown all too well.


We understand choosing a contractor to work inside your hospital is serious business. After all, the list of challenges a project team faces during healthcare construction is as unique as it is lengthy. Patient privacy, infection control, equipment coordination, TDSHS inspections, proper directional signage, utility shutdowns, and project phasing are just a small example of hospital project planning needs. At IE² Construction, we not only have the expertise to minimize the impact of these challenges, but we understand the critical balancing act of doing this with minimal disruption to the staff and patients while also maximizing the flow of revenue and care at all times.

Corporate Office

Starting up or moving your company to a new location can be as exciting as it is stressful. Our extensive experience in building interiors will not only help you feel more at ease with your current project, but quite possibly make you want to continue to expand! We are very knowledgeable in TI and understand exactly what property managers, building owners, tenants, brokers, and tenant representatives expect and need throughout the building process. Our team is dedicated to work together with everyone involved to make sure that the expectations and promises are communicated and vetted up front, so the entire group is happy with the value received at the end of the project and that the tenant moves in on time.


A Church’s main goal is to build God's Kingdom, and we love to construct the Church. IE² is the professional you need to help guide your building committee's decisions. We understand the unique nature of the committee within the Church and that often many of the members are unfamiliar with the building process. We therefore provide churches with timely information and explanations in an open and straightforward manner at the critical decision stages of the project. We ensure at all times that we are maximizing the Church's financial resources, being good stewards of what God has provided, and delivering the quality of project worthy of His Kingdom.

Medical Office

In addition to building hospitals, we perform the full range of construction services for the professional medical community as well. We have completed numerous projects for physicians, specialty doctors, dentists, rehab facilities, outpatient clinics and laboratories to name a few - involving both new construction and remodels. Just as with our hospital projects, we understand the critical need to balance all of the privacy, staffing, patient and revenue challenges each project faces in order to deliver a relationship worthy project to you.


IE² has a true passion for building educational facilities. Our people have completed projects on The University of Texas at Austin campus since 2005, and several Charter Schools since 2009. We understand the dynamics of noise and the impact that has during construction on campus, working to pre-set strict deadlines, and being flexible with equipment and delivery schedules under tight site logistics. The educational market is also an area where our financial expertise and solid cash position allow us to Bond some public projects that many other General Contractors can’t touch.