Green Construction

It is very chic nowadays for construction companies to talk about Green Building Practices in marketing materials to get customers in the door.  “Green”,” eco-friendly” and “renewable” are just a few of the words thrown around that often don’t reflect the actions or intentions of the companies that use them the most!  We are simply not one of those companies, as several of our team members are LEED accredited and they received this designation over seven years ago—well before environmental building gained widespread acceptance.  Our team has also completed several high profile LEED projects ranging from the $30 Million University of Texas Bio-Medical Engineering Lab Building to the $500,000 Black Star Co-op Brew Pub & Restaurant.

Our Green Building experience extends beyond the actual construction phase as well.  Depending on our role in your construction project, we can help you evaluate some of the costs, constraints, advantages, LEED point weighting and return on investment for every type of project.  Whether we are involved at inception or just the construction phase, we understand the core principles of green construction including utilizing renewable resources, minimizing material consumption and creating a healthy human environment that strikes a balance with nature.

Now while we are proud of these services we can provide you, we are just as proud of the environmental effort we make every day on our “regular” projects.  We make sure our subcontractors recycle demo materials whenever possible, we separate reusables ourselves every day as we keep the projects clean and take any practical items we can to the Austin Habitat Re-Use store.  Call it what you will, but we think it’s just the right thing to do and a product of growing up here in Austin, Texas.  So if want some help improving your impact on the environment give us a call – we’re ready to help – one project at a time.