General Contracting

At the core of the services we provide, we are still builders through and through.  We leave a tangible product behind so it needs to be of the utmost quality, and best value we can build.  As a General Contractor our best asset is again, our relationships – but this time with Subcontractors. No matter the size, type or scope of the project, Subcontractors in each of the trades are hired and managed by IE2 Construction as partners in your project.

We feel it is crucial to everyone’s success to treat all of our Subcontractors with professionalism and respect - because when we respect their time by following the schedule, their expertise when they have suggestions and actually communicate when there are issues, everyone wins and the project is ultimately better for it.  It still amazes us to this day how often we hear stories regarding other GC’s and their treatment of Subcontractors and situations that arise.  How do they think that actually helps the project and the customer in the long run?  Accountability is the key to every project staying on time and on budget – but professional respectful communication can still keep everyone accountable – and honey still tastes better than vinegar no matter who you are.

The final two items we will touch on regarding our General Contracting services involve self-perform work and Safety.  On self performing work on projects, our philosophy is pretty simple.  We need a few key guys to be able to perform tasks that keep the job on schedule, are traditionally not full trade items that our Subcontractor partners want to do, and are items that commonly keep the costs down and are a value to both our Subcontractors and Owners.  Depending on the size and scope of the project, our self perform items may vary a little, but for the most part we handle wood blocking, doors, frames and hardware installation, and occasionally demolition and drywall on the smallest of jobs.  Consistency and transparency is the key to our success in this area, because in order to pass on the best value to our clients, we need competitive bids from our Subs, but they will only bid companies with whom they are not competing against (and losing to) on a consistent basis.

Finally, you’ll get our most important service – safety.  Safety is not just a manual or program here at IE2, it is a culture.  When taking care of people is a core value, safety easily becomes integrated into the fabric of who you are as a company.  Good decisions, superior quality, like minded employees and Subcontractor partners all become seamlessly incorporated into every project and situation we encounter.  We are proud of our Safety Culture and our perfect record is a reflection of this culture.  We will always remain dedicated to providing the safest environment possible on every project we have.

A brief list of what you can expect our General Contracting Services to look like:

  • Safety, safety and more safety
  • Preconstruction meetings with all parties involved
  • Progress reports with meeting minutes
  • Master Schedule updates and communications with all parties involved
  • Construction progress and Quality inspection management
  • Self perform small items to help facilitate the Project Schedule
  • Open communication and backup documentation
  • All accounting, insurance and paperwork administration
  • Field reporting and Subcontractor coordination with Owner
  • Close-out documentation and turnover
  • Move-in coordination and assistance
  • Manage all applicable warranty items