The Design build process is one that incorporates all of the properties mentioned previously in the [email protected] Risk model with one major difference up front.  In a Design Build model, IE2 Construction would manage the entire process for the Owner including the hiring and responsibility for the Architect. The major advantage of this process for the Owner is that IE2 would be the go to party for the entire construction project - simplifying the Owner’s involvement by reducing the need for separate contracts with the Architect, various consultants, and General Contractor.  The Design Build process is ideal for the very busy Owner who doesn’t have the time or possibly the expertise to hire and manage the initial design stages of their project.

In our experience, the most critical success factor in a Design Build process is open communication and transparency between the General Contractor and the Owner.  We understand the importance of this type of project to the Owner and that being good stewards of the Owner’s money, time and vision is essential in this process.  Our open book policy of sharing the budget information with the owner up front, along with the Architect and Subcontractor trade bids while providing solid risk and value assessments based on personal experience and fact is the only way IE2 Construction knows how to operate.  We know this core business principle of honesty and integrity may run counter to the history of our industry, but we didn’t start IE2 to do things “the other guys” do – which might also explain why we continue to have ongoing Design Build opportunities during this almost exclusively hard bid economy our industry is enduring.  So feel free to give our clients a call to see for yourself and then give us a shout - because we are here to help in any way we can.