CM @ Risk

No Construction project is exactly the same and each one brings its own set of unique challenges. That is why we feel it is critical to involve us as the Construction Manager (CM) as early as possible. This allows the entire team to work together from the beginning to ensure all the issues are discussed and addressed well before a shovel hits the ground. We sincerely believe that preconstruction planning as a CM is a completely collaborative process that includes IE2, the owner, the architect and the engineers and consultants.  Each trade has its own unique set of skills and expertise, so the earlier everyone gets on the same page, the smoother the project becomes because the risk of logistical problems involving budgeting, scheduling and quality are greatly reduced – and who doesn’t want that?!

As your construction manager, we will begin the process of conducting feasibility studies and thoroughly examining constructability based on the project scope, site constraints, and available budget. We will make recommendations on the materials, systems, details, and components being considered for the project.  It is important that milestone dates are communicated throughout the entire team, and proper attention is given to any value engineering ideas.  IE2 will also be responsible for keeping an updated preconstruction schedule that includes the architect and engineering items and to actively participate in regular meetings.

Understanding and proactively dealing with budget constraints is critical. As a CM, we will look forward to try and anticipate any and all reasonable and foreseeable costs that will be incurred during the course of construction. Budgets are completed at Schematic Documents, Design Documents, and 100% Construction Documents with variations being tracked against the previous budgets so changes are understood and accepted by all. This allows for any necessary modifications to be incorporated early in the process along with value engineering items saving the owner money and time.  As a skilled CM, we are partners in the process and proactively identify areas where money is being spent unwisely, search for alternates, and recommend materials and methods that are cost-effective yet maintain the integrity of the design.  You as the Owner then decide which ideas to incorporate into the project.

All projects have firm deadlines and target dates that have significant implications if they are missed.  As a CM, we are responsible for developing a master schedule for planning and monitoring the progress of both the preconstruction and construction process.  Critical dates are established, including dates for procurement of long lead items, subcontractor bidding, subcontract award, drawings, submittals, assembly, and installation.  We also evaluate the logistics of the schedule and site conditions to plan for use of the site during construction, while being mindful of vehicular traffic and adjacent neighborhoods and businesses.  We evaluate the impact of concrete pours, truck traffic, and delivery schedules to minimize disturbances as well and if the project is within an occupied facility, it’s critical to fully understand the client’s usage of the space and incorporate that knowledge into the plans. Our primary objective is to always provide a safe site with the least disruption possible during construction.