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Core Values

We do not compromise in our beliefs that if we act every day, in every situation with these values in mind, then we have done all we can do to be successful.

'Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard'

Professional: We exhibit a courteous and conscientious, businesslike manner in all our actions.

Reliable: You can count on us to consistently deliver on our promises.

Impact: We strive to have a strong, positive affect on everything and everyone we touch.

Driven: We are determined to succeed, motivated to keep our reputation clean, and driven to be successful.

Experience: We are here to make your experience in working with IE² an outstanding one!

Our People

IE² Construction is led by Mike Nieft and Tom Mravle. Collaborating with them is a staff of experienced and well-respected construction project managers, superintendents, estimators, and support personnel. Both Mike and Tom started IE² Construction with complimentary skill sets and these strengths continually prove to be the foundations of our long-term client relationships.

We also bring added value by having developed a team of highly qualified personnel. This is what we believe separates us from our competition. The commitment, respect, passion, integrity and drive they bring to work every day enables IE² to provide our clients with level of character and service second to none. All our people have what it takes to build a lifetime of successful, meaningful relationships.

Department Heads

Steven Hesch

Steven Hesch,
Healthcare Department Head

Tom Owings

Tom Owings,
Interiors Department Head


Greg Herriott,
Multi-Family Department Head

Joe Brooks

Richard Reeves,
Ground-Up Department Head

Joe Brooks

Fey Carroll,
Austinpolitan Department Head

Public Works

Art Campbell,
Public Works Department Head